Talk for three hours like nobody needs you

Multitask anytime on streets

Shout out to whatever you think is beautiful

Carry a glass of alcohol outside

Take off clothes and take it down

Get wet then stay dry

Read at the most crowded place in town

Select an usual driving destination and walk there

Take an afternoon to throw away redundants

Stop at an outdoor place and watch children playing

Devote a solid amount of time to hobbies

Dress something else like nobody watching

Pause an hour on thinking about the future

Dive further into the favorite fews

Play or enjoy an entire game

Wish memories a best vacation

Save all the efforts on rating



It’s not a good thing. It’s better.

That was a very recent family meeting. My dad was watching a video via a news media on his phone and I was writing a working email.

“Where are your earphone dad? Too loud.”
“Where are yours?” He asked me. I astonished.
I heard a similar joke before but that happened in a subway with a crowd. I was annoyed at two seconds then I realized something-something totally uncool about me. I see my family once in two years and, are we going to argue on an unplugged phone? When did I became so picky about behaviours? especially to the closest ones? Will I rate him a 4.8 out of 5? No. Chill the faak down. Life moves on.

The project is aiming for giving recommendations for a better life - less efficient, less serious, less nervous and more freedom. And also, only a better person deserves a better life, you know that.

In September, I play with my photos and express one idea visually, and select one artwork done by others for interests.

Live cooler.