It’s not a good thing. It’s better.

That was a very recent family meeting. My dad was watching a video via a news media on his phone and I was writing a working email.

“Where are your earphone dad? Too loud.”
“Where are yours?” He asked me. I astonished.
I heard a similar joke before but that happened in a subway with a crowd. I was annoyed at two seconds then I realized something-something totally uncool about me. I see my family once in two years and, are we going to argue on an unplugged phone? When did I became so picky about behaviours? especially to the closest ones? Will I rate him a 4.8 out of 5? No. Chill the faak down. Life moves on.

The project is aiming for giving recommendations for a better life - less efficient, less serious, less nervous and more freedom. And also, only a better person deserves a better life, you know that.

 In September, I play with my photos and express one idea visually, and select one artwork done by others for interests.

Live cooler.

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